about revelar

At Revelar, we are passionate about Business Efficiency and Operations Optimization.

We support small to medium size enterprises in various industries & non-profit organizations in lean implementations, innovative practice, and technology adoption.

Collaborating with your organization, we help to unlock innovative + practical solutions that are purposeful and people-orientated. Your staff will be engaged, equipped, and energized to conquer the new changes and be the advocates to continuously drive improvement at the grass root level .

Continuous improvement is a self-perpetuated force coming from within an organization and we are here to cultivate the culture.

Process & Performance. Elevated.

What our clients say

Working with Revelar Consulting has been a major asset to our company and how we process our client work. The changes we have implemented have streamlined our processes and allowed us to already see a faster turnaround for projects, ultimately increasing our bottom line. - Office Guardians
After visiting one of our work sites, Revelar Consulting worked with us in shifting our approach in planning and executing projects. We are excited to notice better work efficiency and staff performance with new tools and processes.- Jeremy Switzer, Owner, Inspired Air
Bernard distinguished himself by consistently optimizing our time and resources while eliminating waste. By establishing liaisons with suppliers, empowering staff to track supply inventory, he improved our cash flow and virtually eliminated impulse purchases, which reduced travel time and costs. Through a well-researched and well-organized security access management system, he developed a highly effective system without any additional capital spending while improving the safety of our employees and out assets.- Joanne Cannon, Executive Pastor, C3 Church Calgary
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